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PROTECT & PURIFY | Palo + Sage + Tourmaline


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PROTECT & PURIFY | Palo + Sage + Tourmaline

• Palo Santo Wood • 

Here's a real twist to the traditional Smudge Stick - this really is a stick!

Traditionally used to drive away negative energies from one’s aura or home. The wood has a hickory type smell and was (and still is) used by Native Americans, people with Shamanic interests, and anyone working with energies.

The wood can also be used as an incense. Once the stick is lit, it will burn for a minute or so then extinguish itself, releasing a sweet smelling aroma 


• White Sage Smudge Stick •

Smudging is a ceremony used to clear away negative energies and to attract ones that are more positive. Native Americans have traditionally used many herbs for this purpose, each one having a different effect on the aura and inner being. You may burn a smudge stick directly from the end (extinguish carefully afterwards), or break off fragments to burn in a container such as a shell. 
Smudge sticks can be used for cleansing of the aura, for example before meditation or prayer, or they quite often these days used by body workers and therapists. They can also be used for cleansing a house or dwelling. 


• Tourmaline Rough • 

Black tourmaline is known for its ability to protect and purify. It repels negativity and is said to convert it into positive energy. It is a wonderfully protective stone to wear or carry if you feel the weight of others’ emotions around you. It is said to significantly decrease the symptoms and emotions of  stress whilst calming anxiety and promoting emotional stability.

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